Snorkeling in heavy currents

We follow the shoreline, where you can see the seaweed fluttering in the current below you, shoals of fish, colorful bottom plants and if you are lucky, a catfish. We are careful to choose snorkeling places that do not take us out in the big whirlpools, ship lanes or the strongest currents.

Everything you need is included in the price; dry suit, flippers, mask, snorkel, hood and gloves. But you must bring warm clothes to wear under the dry suit, such as a layer of wool or two depending on how frozen you are. You get information about how the equipment is used, techniques for snorkeling, hand signals, how to get in and out of the boat, safety and a little about the wildlife you will see during snorkeling. Guide is in the water, and the boat is always nearby if someone wants to get out of the water before the others.

Recommended lower age 12 years, due to the smallest dry suits we have are adult XXS. 

Contact us to book snorkeling., We need at least 3 people to arrange a trip, and we bring a maximum of 6 in the boat in Covid-19 times to be able to keep a safe distance.

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Snorkeling in heavy currents


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